A downloadable game for Windows

Come visit scenic Hat Island! Relax, enjoy the view, put things on your head and declare them hats...or not.

There is currently no way to leave Hat Island. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Caution for our younger Hatspersons: This game does contain cursing, because we left our placeholder audio files in. Sorry about that.

Please note that 'Is It A Hat' is currently only playable for the HTC Vive.


Sara Chicazul | @chicazul
Andrew Ferguson | @warandpeace


Models: Four Seasons by Tim Van Helsdingen
Music: Serenity by Podington Bear

Special Thanks

James Everett
Navi Brouwer


IsItAHat-0.1.zip 94 MB


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When starting, I see a cloud, water, hills, a tree trunk on the left, I'm in the shade but no controls seem to work. Does this require a dualshock? I only have an xbox360 controller.


Hey iwan!

This is an HTC Vive only game, I'm afraid. We don't have non-Vive VR controls implemented yet. I tagged the game with Vive as the input method, but now that I'm looking at the itch.io page it's not clearly marked. Sorry about that!

If you do happen to own a Vive, give it a shot with that!



Thanks for clarifying!
I only have an Oculus DK1 :)


Ahh sorry about that :/

I don't own an Oculus so I'm afraid I can't dev for it & the game is dependent on having at least one trackable VR controller. I've marked the platform requirements on the page better now!